Wiener Dog Races

Race Location:  Spokane Valley Center Place Event Facility

Race Registration:  Sunday September 29.  Starts at 2:30PM

Race Time:  Sunday, September 29, 3PM

Cost:  Wiener Dog Race $5 , does not include admission into Oktoberfest

Race Categories:  Senior Wieners – Age 10 and up; Mix races for dogs with longer legs and Wiener Dogs 9 and under

Prizes:  TBD

Details:  All dogs racing must be Dachshunds.  Papers are not required.  Once you have paid admission and are in the building the wieners are to be taken outside where the racing will occur.  Areas inside are for people only for safety reasons. Please bring a small kennel if you don’t have the extra hands to watch your dog.  The only dogs allowed in the building are Dachshunds unless they are a service dog.

Dog Races for Dachshund Rescue NW

The Wiener Dog Races to Benefit Dachshund Rescue NW will help educate the public about this hunting dog breed.  “Badger Dogs” as their name means are a German bred hunting breed.  They were bred with their short legs to go underground to flush badgers and wolverines out of their holes so the hunters could take care of the rest as needed. Dachshunds were bred to hunt in packs like Beagles but they have plenty of brains to hunt on their own for mice, moles, birds, bunnies, cats and chickens or anything that moves.  This breed was bred to run and use their noses, not laying around on a couch being a fat stuffed sausage.

More on the Dachshund breed here: Many want to know how to say their name and it is pronounced: dox-sund Dachshund Rescue use this dog’s running instincts for fun for these Wiener Dog Races and of course tiny dogs with short legs zooming are always entertaining. In 1991 Margo Mossburg, the director of Dachshund Rescue NW (DRNW) and the Dachshund Club of Spokane, started rescuing this breed of wiener dogs years ago.  Mossburg grew up with the breed and understands how they think to retrain them to find new homes.  The dog rescue has been pulling dogs from animal shelters in the pacific Northwest to help give them more time so they are more adoptable than what a shelter can do. DNRW has now placed over 1,200 dogs in their new forever homes.  They do place around 120 on average each year now thanks to many volunteers who help at events and come to the Wiener Ranch to socialize all the homeless ones before placement. They have placed over 1,500 homeless wieners now and 157 in 2016 alone.

Please find adoptable dogs in the booth at this event! To see the adoptable dogs find us on Facebook here: To see the adoptable dogs they are always listed here as well:  http://www/

3PM On Sunday find your way to the Wiener Dog Track and cheer on the entertaining dachshund with their short legs zooming and tails a wagging!