Opening Ceremonies

An Oktoberfest Tradition – O’zapft is! (It’s Tapped!)

The well known German tradition, the tapping of the keg to open the Oktoberfest event will occur at Spokane Oktoberfest.  As German tradition calls for the keg to be tapped by the Mayor of the city we have Spokane Valley Mayor Higgins tapping the keg at 5pm on Friday!

Traditional German music will accompany the marching in of the keg and opening ceremony. Make sure and have your stein ready as the beer from the tapped keg is free for all attending until it runs out.

Fun Fact:  Each year, the mayor of Munich starts  Oktoberfest with the traditional keg tapping and the exclamation “O’zapft is”.  The Record holder is Christian Ude, who managed to open the barrel in two strokes. The last place is given to Thomas Wimmer: He needed 19 strokes in 1950.


Kegs hold about 30 liters of beer and traditionally are a wood cask, which is just about 60+ pints. Have your stein ready for the tapping as all the beer from the tapped keg is free until the it runs dry!