Oktoberfest Games

Spokane Oktoberfest at the River will feature fun games and competitions for all ages.

Games include: Stein Hoisting, Bocce Courts, Corn Hole, Holey Board, Nagelspielen and other fun.

Stein Hoisting (Bierkrugstemmen)! You wonder what kind of game or competition is that? Well, its a very simple game…….. How long can you hold a beer stein filled with liquid (normally with beer) and held parallel to the floor with elbows locked. If you bend the elbow or spill/drop the stein your out. The last man/woman/child standing wins a prize!



A German game – “playing with nails”.  The object is to pound in one’s own nail into the wood before your opponent! This simple game reportedly dates to the first Oktoberfest in 1810 and In some northern German taverns, a Nagelspielen game sits in a corner and losers are bound to buy the next round.

Join your friends and make new ones when you join the fun!