2017 Entertainment

New bands for 2017!  Two stages – one outdoor & one indoor – double the fun!


4:00 – Doors Open – Spokane Accordion Ensemble
4:30 – Concordia Choir of Spokane – German Amer. Society Choir
4:50 – History of Oktoberfest
5:00 – Tapping of the Keg with Spokane Valley Mayor Rod Higgins
5:15 – Alpen Band
6:45 – Hazelnuss Band
8:00 – Stein Hoisting Contests – Men & Women
9:00 – Hazelnuss Band
11:30 – last call

Noon – Doors Open – Oompa’s and Ma’s
1:30 – Alpen Band California
3:00 – Oompa’s and Ma’s
5:00 – Tapping of the Keg with Military
5:15 – Alpen Band
6:30 – Stein Hoisting Contests – Men & Women
7:00 – Hazelnuss
8:30 – Costume Contest
9:15 – Hazelnuss Band
11:30 – last call

11:00 – Doors Open – Happy Wanderers
11:30 – Alpen Band California
12:45 – Hazelnuss
1:45 – Kids Show
2:30 – Alpen Band

Alpen Band

From Northern California. Since 1988, they have been performing German folk music in the Sacramento area and throughout Northern California for Octoberfest, Fasching, Beerfest etc. They perform the best of Polka, Waltz, Samba, Swing, along with the updated styles of Boarisch, Schottisch and Alpine Rock. They feature folk music from the German speaking areas, but also play music from other parts of the world. Get ready to dance and sing along with this wonderful participatory group – Prost!! http://alpenband.com

5:30 – Bavarian Beer Garden Band
9:00 – Alpen Band
10:30 – last call

1:00 – Happy Wanderers
2:30 – Kids Show
3:30 – Bavarian Beer Garden Band
7:00 – Alpen Band
8:30 – Bavarian Beer Garden Band

Noon – Happy Wanderers
2:30 – Wiener Dog Races


Hazelnuss “Das” Music

HAZELNUSS “DAS MUSIC” The Bavarian American immigrants from Los Angeles, performing original Songs and Bavarian / Oktoberfest feel good music. Every single one of them is German or German decent. From Munich, Landshut, Cologne and the north of Germany. In honoring their roots and traditions Alexander and Andi started to play and sing Bavarian folkmusic. One night at the Oktoberfest in the Bavaria House in Burbank, the group got on stage to perform “lets Celebrate” in front of a huge crowd, and the song was an instant hit. This was the defining moment to get the group together and “Hazelnuss Das Music” was born. Visit their WEBSITE or their FACEBOOK page.

Bavarian Beer Garden Band

The Bavarian Beer Garden Band (from Kirkland, Washington) was founded by Wally Franz to bring German, Bavarian and Alpine music to life. They keep you happy and entertained and have performed at the Kirkland Oktoberfest, Queen Anne Beer Hall and the Seattle Folklife Festival.

Oom Pa’s and Ma’s

Since 1971    The Oompa’s and Ma’s Band Motto:   “If were sounding out of tune, have another beer!” Oom Pa’s and Ma’s bring back a German spirit to the Biergarten with the polkas and beer-drinking toasts.  Specializing in polkas and waltzes. In 1971, the first band consisted of 9 members and played before a packed Bier Garten. The band has grown to as many as 27 members playing for thousands of listeners and dancers yearly. The band consists of both local and regional musicians; some traveling great distances from their communities- Over the years, 75 different musicians have been a part of the “Oom Pa’s and Ma’s.” The “Oom Pa’s and Ma’s” have played internationally and for numerous community fairs, festivals and special events.

Concordia Choir of Spokane (German-American Society)choir_badge_trans_web

The roots of the Concordia Choir in Spokane can be traces to 1883 when a German choir greeted the arrival of the first Northern Pacific railroad train in Spokane. By the turn of the century, numerous German choirs existed in Spokane. In 1911, several of these choirs merged into one organization that has become the Concordia Choir of Spokane. The Concordia Choir is incorporated as a non-profit organization and its mission is to promote the german culture in song. The choir performs several public concerts during the year. Click here to visit website

The Spokane Accordion Ensemble

The Spokane Accordion Ensemble is a unique blend of players of all ages with a common love of music and the accordion. The Ensemble had its beginning many years ago, sometime in the fifties or sixties as a group of accordion teachers and their advanced students.