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There are just a few days left to the start of the Craft Beer Week 2020, the largest "widespread event" in Spokane, WA, of the beer sector, which aims to celebrate quality beer produced by independent and craft breweries.

From 2 to 8 March, a rich program of tastings, dinners with combinations, meetings with brewers, visits to production plants, presentations of new beers, festivals, special offers, and much more are expected.


Each initiative is organized independently by pubs, breweries, beershops, restaurants, cafes, wine bars, associations, or e-commerce sites.

In a dedicated section, they have reported various events divided by date and by region on the site of the event.

Craft Beer Week 2020

Last year 546 participants were registered for a total of 597 events and promotions according to the Spokane Chamber. Important figures parallel the growth of the entire sector. In 2010 in Spokane, we could count 311 craft breweries; currently, there are over 850 plants. In general, per capita, production, and beer consumption have increased, while export volumes have even doubled. More specifically, the market share related to craft beer has recently exceeded 3%.

The Ball

The Craft Beer Week will begin Monday, March 2, but, in the previous weekend, there will be an "early" during the Festival of Craft Beers (from Friday, February 28 to Sunday, March 1).

The real "event within the event" will be the Ball. At 7.00 pm on Friday, 28 February, eight unreleased beers will be present from as many producers, which will be at the party's thorns throughout the weekend.

Oktoberfest is the world’s most popular folk (and drink) festival, but many attendees aren’t sure what to expect. When is it, is it about drinking and how to get in?

A brief history of Oktoberfest

October 1810 was the date when the original Oktoberfest was held. It was to celebrate the wedding of Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and Princess Teresa of Saxony-Hildburghausen (named after the place, Theresienwiese).

All the good people were invited to eat and, of course, drink for five days. The celebration was a success; they decided to do it every year and extended the celebration until September to better adapt to the harvest. That is why today, the festival spans 16 days from late September to early October.

Dates for Oktoberfest

The dates for Oktoberfest 2020 are from September 21 to October 6.

Many people just go through the day and host their entire party at once. If you want to see everything the festival offers, three days is usually enough to do so.

Reserve a table for Oktoberfest

Most people who plan to visit Oktoberfest reserve a table for at least one day of their visit. You can see the different atmosphere of the tents with our handy Oktoberfest tent guide and then plan to reserve a spot by March.

While reservations make finding a seat during rush hour much easier, you can still get in if you haven’t planned it months in advance. A quarter of the spots in the tents are not available to reserve and are open for walk-ins. Also, up to half of the seats cannot be reserved on weekends and holidays until 3 p.m. M.

The outside seating within the restaurants in the beer garden is generally open, although they often reach capacity at peak times.

Oktoberfest safety

That said, theft is common, especially at a big drunken festival. Limit the valuables you bring and try to avoid getting too drunk.

Furthermore, recent terrorist threats have been a cause for concern. The city of Munich and the festival organizers have worked hard to make this event secure as possible, including providing secured entry and baggage checks to enter the fairgrounds.

Weather at the Oktoberfest

The weather at Oktoberfest has a nasty habit of being rainy. This doesn’t bother the people inside the tents, but it can make one day exploring the gardens and turning around on walks a bit dreary.

Pack an umbrella, a coat (or a traditional T-shirt ), and a smile.

Traditional clothing at Oktoberfest

Traditional Bavarian clothing such as Lederhosen and Dirndl (known as Tracht ) can be seen throughout the festival in Bavarians and foreigners.

Stores are happy to help you find your dreams’ Bavarian outfit, but these outfits can be pricey. Check out our guide on Lederhosen for options and an idea of ​​what budget. Silly beer hats, funky glasses, and everyday wear are perfectly acceptable too.

Smoking at Oktoberfest

Most of the time, smokers congregate just outside the tents’ entrance, but this can get tricky when the tents are full as they may not be allowed to go back inside. Some tents have balconies organized outdoors for smokers.…

This weekend comes to the most important beer event in Latin America, from October 11 to 13, in the meadow of Akron Stadium, at the Forest of Spring.

With more than 250 national and international brands, concerts, a great gastronomic variety, a beer tasting room, and even a barbecue workshop, beer lovers will celebrate the 12th anniversary of this festival.

Here we tell you all the details so that you can put together your best plan.

Tasting room

With its 64 registered craft breweries, Jalisco contributes 34% of the national market, demonstrating that new flavors are present among Jalisco palates. So that you do not want to try it, the festival has prepared a calendar of tastings by the group “I take artisanal”, with three options:

  • Tasting-sampler of 4 styles of beer ($ 50.00)
  • Pairing: beers and donuts ($ 80.00)
  • Pairing: beer and ice cream ($ 80.00)

Roast workshop

The “Grilling Bastards” will be giving workshops lasting two hours. A kind of masterclass where they will prepare two dishes with tasting.

The workshop ticket (with a cost of $ 500.00) already includes the festival entrance, so if you do the math, it is a good option to take advantage of the workshop and eat tastily.

The menu they have prepared includes smoked aguachile with shrimp and ribeye in table sauce, tuna burger, and rib steak with piquin butter and garlic.


The experience is complemented by the talent that is part of this festival, having as stellar acts:

October 11: The Afrobrothers, Elis Paprika

October 12: Jonaz, RTRXN, Nice

October 13: The Great Silence, Magu “Live session.”

Who will share the stage with different national and international artists, among them the winners of the Craft Beer and Free Music! 2019, a project that seeks to introduce new local talents.


The general ticket in presale has a cost of $ 180, and the day of the event is $ 200, and they are on sale in the super-tick ticket system. The ticket includes parking, entrance to the event, commemorative glass, and concert.

There is also the option of the VIP bracelet, with a cost of $ 400.00 that includes free parking, skip-the-line access, entrance to the event, a commemorative glass, entrance to the VIP Hospitality with a preferential view of the main stage, concerts, VIP bathrooms, a snack and two beers handcrafted.

Admission for children from 3 to 12 years old are free, but beware! Children under three years old will not be able to enter; there will not be access to strollers or pets.